3ACT Slide Math

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Question:  When does 1+3=100?

Answer:  When you combine 1 major leg injury plus the 3ACT Slide you get 100% return to action.

The non-impact feature of using the slide surface helped speed the recovery and allowed a return to ski specific training without having to use jumping split squats.  The slippery nature of the slide surface greatly mimicked on snow demands.  The stability blocks provide a perfect directional target and also an added sense of security.

“Movement turns on proprioceptors, proprioceptors turn on muscles, muscles control the joints that control the movement.”                                                                                             –Gary Gray, Gray Institute

Keep on 3ACTing

Twist Those Hips

Hip musculature, especially the adductors, are an incredible source of rotational power. Created as a way to emphasize rotational movement training, this rotational slide exercise is the essence of the 3ACT Slide.
Watch the video and picture a basketball player in the low post, a baseball player throwing, a soccer playing kicking, or a golfer swinging. The list could go on and on…

What activity do you see as you watch 3ACT Slide rotation in action and how would you use the 3ACT Slide?


3ACT Slide Has Arrived!!!


3ACT is…

Active… producing motion with actions and reactions
Circular… continuous never ending ideas in all 3 planes
Training… for rehab, fitness, and sports performance

                                Here are 3 reasons to start 3ACTing…

It’s FUN…
People of all ages comment about how much fun it is to slide around.

It offers a variety of exercises  specific to the user.

True fitness requires strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, coordination, agility.

With the 3ACT Slide you get it all. Go to our website for instructional videos to see fun, function, and fitness in action.

We Should All Feel a Little Unstable Sometimes

Unstable Ground Sign at TRNP

The use of various fitness and rehab products to create an unstable weight bearing surface has long been an effective way to challenge the human body.  Instability creates an environment to increase muscle activity, improve balance, and mimic real life situations. Read More

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