Fixing Power Leaks with 3ACT Slide


It’s been called many things…the cannon, the engine, the big house, and the workhorse.  The gluts are a key source to athletic movement.  Give your athletes the ultimate source of power.

As athletes learn to use their butt in all 3 planes of motion, they become more powerful, more balanced, and more resistant to injury.  Unfortunately, watching athletes move often reveals patterns of movement that look sloppy. We’ve all seen athletes with knees collapsing, backs rounding, and hips not rotating. It’s a sign that their cannon just isn’t firing.  Slide lunges have become our “go to” exercise to fire that cannon.

Posterior slide lunges are a great choice for promoting a more functional sequence of movement to engage the gluts.  The athlete produces hip flexion immediately as their opposite foot slides back to the fixed point of stability.  By moving backwards, force is driven into the forward leg’s hip/butt instead of falling into the common knee/quad dominant lunging pattern.

Lateral slide lunges on a 3ACT Slide create a smoothness to motion and ideal weight transfer, engaging the gluts more powerfully. Lateral movements are now practiced more effectively without the common faults of rotating knees and turned out feet.   The fixed stability block ensures ideal foot position as athletes use the slide surface to generate momentum, speed, and force.

Rotational slide lunges are where things get really exciting. Rotational patterns of movement are utilized in sports like tennis, golf, hockey, baseball/softball, soccer, and basically everything that requires power!  Lack of skillful rotational movement is how athletes beat up patello-femoral joints, tear ACL’s, and stress lumbar spines.  Slide lunging with rotation towards a fixed stable block requires an athlete’s butt to turn on and become the true workhorse. Power comes from teaching the gluts to take on the load and create the explode.


…and that’s how you make the gluts, or as we like to say, “the cannon”, FIRE!!!