We Should All Feel a Little Unstable Sometimes

Unstable Ground Sign at TRNP

The use of various fitness and rehab products to create an unstable weight bearing surface has long been an effective way to challenge the human body.  Instability creates an environment to increase muscle activity, improve balance, and mimic real life situations.

Exercises like planks, mountain climbers, and burpees use the stability of the ground combined with body weight and the use of gravity to create new challenges specifically for the core.  When the ground is turned into an unstable surface a whole new world is created to further enhance core training.

Human bodies naturally get a bit guarded on unstable ground as a means of providing safety and security.  When training, this protective reflex often limits maximum effort and potential. Ideally an environment of instability with security is where maximum potential is achieved.  It turns caution into an opportunity to guide the body through the instability and use the unstable ground as an incredible environment for training and rehab.

Check out these exercises using secure instability to work that core on the floor…